'Round 'Laska photos by Ian Brooks

Thank you, Climate Change, for making the past month here in Alaska a balmy 70-ish degrees, and allowing me to get all these fantastic pictures. I just wanted to share some shots I’ve gotten over the last couple weeks during this gorgeous weather (and then, not so gorgeous as in the last picture when the city was engulfed in wildfire smoke). If you consider yourself a world traveler or someday wish to be, and Alaska is not on your list of places to visit before you shrug off this mortal coil, then perhaps you need to revise your list.

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Dawn of Cicada Time by Ian Brooks


Hey guys, time for a personal plug. In the April edition of Empty Sink Publishing you can find a short story I wrote about the 17-year cicadas called “Dawn of Cicada Time”, a narrative about the lives of these obnoxiously loud insects that live underground for so long to have only a short period of time in the sun. 

Here’s some expert testimony from my friends who have already read this story and insist you do the same:

whowasntthere enthusiastically states: “A lovely piece of work from Ian that everyone should read. It has beautiful imagery and sci-fi overtones, even with the realistic subject material. I’m also not going to be annoyed by the loud buzzing this Summer, but rather happily (and sadly) imagining this story”

peterfalkscorpse warns: "Do yourself a favor and read this shit. Make a good decision for once in your life. Your father and I are very disappointed in the direction your life is taking, we just want what’s best for you"

hansma, who contributed the above artwork says: "I had a lot of fun getting to work with Ian on this illustration. I highly recommend you read his story because it is pretty brilliant"

armsbendback affectionately remarks: "Ian is my favourite and you should go and read this"


Cover 1 by Heather Hansma / Cover 2 by Mike Kevan