Ian Brooks I was tired of gazing into the abyss,
so I jumped right in.

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    Hi I’m Ian Brooks, I have a beard, and I live in Anchorage, Alaska. No it’s not night out for six months, we dont live in igloos, and (unfortunately) we do not ride penguins everywhere (not sure if that was a common Alaskan perception, but it should be because how cool would that be? I think I just made myself sad over lack of penguin riding). You might know me from the Internet, though I also exist in other places, as you can see below. I play video games, listen to music way too loud, read comic books, am an existentialist, and I dig all sorts of artistic and creative things, whether it be weird shit, cool shit, awesome shit, WTF shit, or nerdy shit. Basically if it makes me go: “whoa dude”, I post it. Hope you digs it as well.

    Other blogs I work on:

    My comic book blog: timetravelandrocketpoweredapes.tumblr

    Retro gaming and art: IT8BIT

    Cool LEGO stuff: Legosaurus

    Star Wars stuff: Tie Fighters

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    Twitter: @zombieianbrooks

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    Instagram: @ian_brooks

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