I don't think I could ever draw Batman

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Dont worry, Paul, I’ll let you in on a secretive secret, that’s only whispered in secret areas that are dark and probably in a haunted house: nobody can draw Batman. Science fact. 

"But Ian!" you exclaim in shock (not you necessarily Paul, but like everybody in the world in general), "I have seen approximately eleventy eight quabrillion Batman fanarts on the Innerets, whatchu talkin bout??" Well listen here screaming Internet person, Batman himself is undrawable. No pen can render his image, nor ink define his form. Every fanart you’ve seen has actually been a depiction of somebody dressed as Batman. That’s right, all those deviantarts and redbubbles and society6’s and flickers were just all of some dude.

Oh, the actual Batman comics, you may now be asking, all smug and self-assured? Who draws them if you’re so smart, Ian, you might say. Well that’s the easiest answer of all:



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