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  • Anonymous asked a question 2 years ago
    Anonymous I'm very glad that you actually credit artists for their works, that is because I recently found the "Behind the Scenes" artwork quite lovely and I wanted to know the artists.. if you were just some other blogger, most likely there would be no credit. So thank you. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas! ^_^

    Thanks for the message, Anon. I dont create anything myself (except for magic in the bedroom. …No really, I do magic tricks), but I appreciate passion in other people, regardless of how it’s conjured into the material world. This can manifest itself in amazing art, a cool concept, gripping GIFs, a telling tale, or maybe all you contribute to the world is a cunning commentary on events as they pass you by. I’m an admirer of the world and the people who plumb the depths of the under-dimension of creativity that floats beneath us, daring to excavate stolen ideas from the gods and parade it proudly to the masses.

    I think we, as any blogger worth his or her daily traffic, have the responsibility to give something back to the digital world in which we exploit. I get recognition for sifting through the dirty flea markets and broken down garage sales of the CyberWeb and sharing with you all the pretty pictures I find. You’re welcome, btw, but the fact remains that I didnt do anything but press a couple buttons. Somebody else bled out their soul and conducted a symphony with the droplets. Bloggers owe it to artists, creators, entertainers, and original websites to do the simplest good deed and help propagate their name.

    I get tons of requests daily from people asking me to follow their blog or check out their site but if you’re not crediting your posts, you’re a soulless wretch, a mere consumer scooping creativity into your gaping maw and shatting out the collective mess. Rethink your business model if you do this, then re-examine your life and ask yourself if you’re really a good person. I’m looking at sites like 9gag, who actively ruin other people’s work by burning their own watermark onto it, or I dunno, most of tumblr, who are happy to reblog a post complete with source material and good references, before stripping all of that away just so they can have a blog full of context-less pictures that represent just how deep and generic a person they really are.

    Despite my perceived high living and shiny sunglasses, I dont actually get anything out of this, except the fact that a lot of artists, bloggers, and invisible Internet People think I’m a pretty cool dude. I dont put ads on the site so I dont even make a single cent on it (though if you’d like to Donate…). But I like putting people in touch with arts that move them, or just giving them something to make them chortle while toiling the hours of their lives away at work, school, or anything else they should probably be paying more attention to.

    tl;dr: I say lots of stuff, credit your work, let’s all drink and be merry for Merry Happy Kwanzachristmakkuh. Cheers, ya lugs!

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    1. svalts said: Derp eyes.
    2. shazadkhan said: Thank you, once more, for doing what most of people do not do. I hope we can all be respectable soon.
    3. unshut said: your m.o. is admirable and i totally enjoy your blog. cherry mistmas.
    4. summertimerealness said: Ian, you are so great. It’s rare to find people like you on the Internet. So thank-you. Tahank=you. Wow, alright, enough drinking for me.
    5. hughbot said: As someone who makes comics on Tumblr let me say thank you for this post. You are a prince among men Ian.