I'm gonna come to Alaska and we're gonna drink.

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Paul, as much as I would absolutely love it if you came up and we could rub beards together to maintain bodily warmth, you do realize that here in Alaska we only drink glacial runoff and clubbed baby seal blood, right?

Also, just to get it out of the way: igloo reference, extreme cold, 24 hours of night time, penguins, eskimos, Sarah Palin, we can see Russia. Did I forget anything?


  1. captndavo said: You forgot crushing depression, alcoholism and something about your pet moose
  2. ductsductsducts said: Penguins? Aren’t they only found in the Southern oceans? Also you forgot Northern Exposure.
  3. panicinthestudio said: Your caribou/reindeer overlords do not take kindly to being ignored in this manner. This is why you are plagued with permafrost and orcas eating everything and beaching themselves to a smelly death at your doorstep. That might also be Palin’s fault.
  4. crackinwise said: Balto? Deadliest Catch? Teen suicide rate?
  5. magelbites said: I want in on this beardly action.
  6. paul4allseasons said: I was born to drink the blood of baby seals….
  7. dancing-about-architecture said: Oil! All the oil.
  8. future-revisionist said: At least Alaskan’s are able to understand what we Canadian’s go through.
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