Hey kids! Just wanted to let everyone know that despite what my mom thinks, I do, in fact, have a life and will be exercising said life while on vacation for the next week. What does this mean for you? Nothing, I’m just dialing back the queue so there’ll only be a few posts a day from me for the next week, but it’s still kickass stuff you should probably look at, so dont think this finally gives you an excuse to quit me. Because I cant quit you.

In the meantime, you can follow my hijinx over at the twitter: @ZombieIanBrooks or follow this page on Facebook so you can get updates next to your Mafia Wars requests. If you’re a flickr user, join the combination HeroChan/it8bit flickr pool 8bithero to submit your cool arts! And when I usually take time off, I like to suggest a few other similar-themed blogs to follow in my stead, so have at thee:

it8bit: did you know I also post on it8bit? Only because it’s the single greatest resource in the entire Multiverse for retro gaming pixel art and vidya gaem stuffs.

tiefighters: Oh yeah, I post here too. Only this one’s for Star Wars stuff.

timetravelandrocketpoweredapes: okay, last one for me, this is the blog I created for comic book fanart and unusually long URL’s

paul4allseasons: artist and beardist extraordinaire and just all around funny and cool dude

henrytheworst: You’ve probably seen his art, he draws the people with the bro-fists and also loves popsicles

itstime2smile: my buddy Sabrina who posts all the astounding arts. Go say hi to her!

cybergata: what the Internet was made for, really: cats

The Eternal Tortoise: a webcomic about turtles in deep existential crises.

dotcore: some of the best vidya gaem fanart in all corners of the Internets

xombieDIRGE: One of my personal favorites on tumblr, he brings you all the best comics, video game, and film fanarts light years before anyone else has even dreamed of them. Go follow him immediately!

Hey Oscar Wilde!: I constantly see heyoscarwilde’s post and go: “damn how did he find that?”. Another one of my favorites, do yourself a serious favor and check this blog out.

magicfran: Fran posts some of the coolest arts, most jaw-dropping images, and she draws too! She’s a trifecta of cool

assorted-goodness: brutha has great taste in all things of a nerdly nature, plus he’s a funny guy. Go talk to him

brotherbrain: GIF’s of classic video game nostalgia, all oozy and wanting to be played with

svalts: Simon has an eagle-like eye for the best art out there and he’ll also talk pirate to you when he’s drunk!

Rampaged Reality: I’d be remiss in not mentioning one of the single greatest bloggers of our time, and new daddy to boot: Justin Rampage. You’re probably already following him if you’re here, but if not, correct this grievance immediately.

(photo credit: brawerguitarrepair)


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