July: Quotable Arts by Evan Robertson November: Time Warp Tattoo September: Chicks in Hats by Julie Persons December: Crochet Dwarven Helmet April: Blastoise in Cheese October: Realistic Pokemons by RJ Palmer March: I Know That Feel by Chris Gerringer August: Nothing Lasts Forever by Anatol Knotek January: Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shooter June: Broken Neon Signs by Patrick Martinez

Best of 2012

So 2012 has been mercifully murdered and its reign of terror on the lands effectively put to an end. It was a long, strange, and twist-y road for me, but we’ve all emerged victorious so keep that age old adage in mind: if life gets harder, that just means you’ve leveled up. Congratulations, now on to the next overworld.

I’ve constantly had trouble defining just what exactly this blog is about, as I’m sure anyone who’s followed me for more than a day, or even a few hours has probably already guessed. The long answer is that I’ve, at times, wanted it to be equal parts art/gaming/comics/cool shit/weird shit blog, with the real arbiter being just good ol’ messy chance in the manner of Internet things I happened to come across that day. The short answer to this question: this blog is just about things I dig. And whether that’s me viewing an art and going: “holy shit, this is so amazing it’s blowing my mind out the back of my head” or “holy shit, this is disgusting and scary and going to give me night terrors for the rest of my adult life”, the only real common thread is that I, at some point and for varying reasons respond to something with: “holy shit”. 

Here are some of the most popular things I said “holy shit” to this past year, and apparently a lot of other people agreed with:

January: Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shooter - 7,504 notes

February: Poorly Drawn Lines: Tiny Hippo - 124,041 notes

March: I Know That Feel by Chris Gerringer - 74,751 notes

April: Blastoise in Cheese - 34,327 notes

May: Turning Children’s Drawings into Toys - 12,156 notes

June: Broken Neon Signs by Patrick Martinez - 8,138 notes

July: Quotable Arts by Evan Robertson - 132,731 notes

August: Nothing Lasts Forever by Anatol Knotek - 30,317 notes

September: Chicks in Hats by Julie Persons - 17,955 notes

October: Realistic Pokemons by RJ Palmer - 33,971 notes

November: Time Warp Tattoo - 73,127 notes

December: Crochet Dwarven Helmet - 11,150 notes

2012 left me with a lot of cool Internet Bloggy Friends, both vintage and New Model and to all these people I want to say: “thanks for having a cool butt” and for finding cool things that I may have missed: pacalinsvaltsgamefreaksassorted-goodnessxombiedirgethefrogmanronworkmanbluedogeyesheyoscarwildearpeggiamyedolthesidekickcomplexpleated-jeansguillheritstime2smilemariposimasamaralexinsanelygaming, thedrunkenmooglepwnloveRyan Donatodevidsketchbookelyshatheriddell, and Justin Page.

Nextly, 2012 saw a veritable geyser of support for my blog from relatively well-known websites, so to all sites out there that gave me a wink and a nod for content I found, I want to say: “you also have a nice butt that I would probably touch”: the Laughing Squid crew, Lauren Davis at io9, Luke Plunkett at Kotaku, Pinar and her compatriots at My Modern MetVisual NewsNeatoramaThe AwesomerTechnabob, Who Killed Bambi?, and my personal favorite as well as owner of the most curvaceous of butts: Obvious Winner.

A very special thanks to the numerous artists and creators I’ve featured in these pages, there are way too many of you to thank individually, but I hope my posts have helped you sell product or at least assisted in getting your name out there. You all do the real hard work, I just shine a light on it.

And thank you, the viewing audience at home for all your Hearts, Reblogs, and Invisible Internet Points. You’ve helped me realize I’m not the only one out there who likes crazy, eclectic shit and for that I can never repay you. I hope I can just find more pretty pictures and cool artists for you to enjoy. 

I have no other inspiring words, as years and months are really just artificial constructs in the endless procession of time, but with the symbolic new year comes perfect opportunities to turn things around, that impetus you need to finally work on your art, writing, or whatever creative endeavor you need to feel connected to the human experience. So here’s me saying: “get to it” and keep lookin’ good in 2013, errybody! Cheers!



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