Cityscape Bike Parts by Thomas Yang

An advertising campaign for Life Cycle, Tom deconstructed a bicycle and rebuilt a few sprawling city landscapes with the parts, showing that a bicycle is not just two wheels and maybe a basket seat for your buddies, but a way to see the world. Prints available at 100copies.

Artist: Behance (via: Reddit)


Designed by Kent Frankovich, Adam Pettler and Jim Houk, Revolights uses thin LED strips that are magnetized to each rim and cast light down onto the ground in front and behind you. Currently just a prototype, the guys need your help over at their kickstarter to help fund it. So feel free to pitch in a few bucks if you want to ride this legit TRON bike. For the Users!

(via: technabob)

Home-Made Mad Max-Style Electric Bike

what makes this thing move is two car batteries running through a power inverter to produce 120v wall current which then runs an electric drill which turns the geared assembly to move the wheel.

Plus it even has its own beer cooler! Surely for all the chicks you’re gonna be picking up when you ride down their street in this beast.

(via: techenvy)