Sons of Chemistry: Albuquerque by spacemonkeydr

Shirts available at Redbubble. You think you’re danger enough to join? 

Artist: DeviantArt

Scientists by Tomas Muller

With the intention of depicting science as the true adventure and worthy pursuit it is, Tomas created this series as a promotion for the Charles University’s Faculty of Science in Prague. These Titans of ginormous stature are each a visual representation of an area of science: biology, geography, chemistry, and geology.  I’ll let you figure out which Titan is which, after all, you should already know this stuff. But before you ask: the Titan representing the science of pizzamaking was, sadly, omitted.

Artist: behance / website

Crayon Chemistry Sets by QueInteresante

Learning to color within the lines is an important lesson as a child, and one I quite honestly still havent mastered, but kids’ brains are all spongey for new knowledge, so these specialized labels can help them learn their chemical compounds at the same time. These are stick-on labels you can buy in sets over at etsy. Force your kid to learn while they’re drawing on your walls!

Artist: blogspot / website (via: buzzfeed)