Game of Thrones for Kids by Haley Hao

If R.R. Martin was about 60 years younger and had not yet developed a penchant for sex, violence, and horrible weddings, he may have created this series of fun children’s book-style illustrations. Barring time travel and/or unethical cloning experiments, Haley Hao is here instead with cute and dawwwzy mascots for all the major Houses of Westoros. The Greyjoys may be colossal cockbags but look at that adorbzy octopus he’s got a knife and he wants to cut you!

Artist: DeviantArt (via: Geeks and Gamers)

(Source: geeksngamers)

The Monster Engine by Dave DeVries

Half children’s book, half demonstration, half workshop, half art series, ALL MONSTER!! Dave DeVries meets with children from across the nation, gathering their illustrations full of awkward lines and unfamiliar anatomy and paints them, adding an extra dimension to these irregular-shaped imaginings. 

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Occupy 1,2,3 by John and Jana

An endearing children’s guide to understanding the Occupy Wall Street Movement, while also brushing up on their numbers. Says John: "We are a children’s book author/illustrator team who have decided to create this free download-it-print-it-fold-it-distribute-it-yourself mini picture book called Occupy 1.2.3. We thought Occupiers - and Occupy supporters - could stick this book in their back pocket out of the sight of police when they come to tear up the encampment and destroy the library. We hope everyone will pass these around to give a fun idea of what Occupy is about". Download, cut out, and distribute from here: flotsamandjetpacks

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