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  • ianbrooks published a photo post 2 years ago

    Fabric Homes by Do Ho Suh

    Entitled “Home Within a Home”, Do Ho Suh’s sheer fabric architecture looks real enough to live in while hanging lifelessly from the ceiling, a wispy spectre of a home.

    (via: designboom)

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  • ianbrooks published a photo post 2 years ago

    On The Shoulders of Miniatures by Do Ho Suh

    Entitled “Floor”, this piece currently showing at Lehmann Maupin gallery in Singapore through February 11th, 2012 features a glass panel held aloft by thousands of tiny plastic figures, all straining to keep the floor of level for you, their unintended god.

    (via: My Modern Met)

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  • ianbrooks published a photo post 3 years ago

    Home Within A Home by Do Ho Suh

    Do Ho Suh’s piece shows two houses, the artists’ Korean home he grew up in and his current house in Providence. In his quest to find the perfect home, he decided the best solution was to combine the best of both worlds and smash the two together. Although it’s not clear whether his smaller Korean house is growing out of the bigger one like a tumor, or if the Providence home is slowly cannibalizing the other. 

    (via: My Modern Met)

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