The Other Rules of Fight Club

Sure you know the first few rules, and yeah we’re breaking the first two by just mentioning it here (I’m guessing they intended for us not to blog about Fight Club, though that could be open to interpretation), but did you know that, once administration got involved, there were even more rules added to Fight Club? To make it a more enjoyable experience, of course… because any good system needs rules, otherwise it’s just mayhem. 

(source: mandatory)

One Line Portraits by Quibe

It’s pure ego to think that we couldn’t possibly be encompassed by solitary line, but curved and looped into the appropriate directions and that one line can continue on forever, connecting us all. Quibe’s brilliant series uses just one flowing line to create portraits of some of the most detailed characters in the geekosphere. Check his tumblr below for more in the continuous line:

Artist: Tumblr (via: geek-art)

Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark by Daniel Norris

Daniel Norris has recently been pumping out some amazing minimalist movie posters that center around the most memorable images from those films. But they’re conjured forth from the abyss in an eery, ink-splattered style that reminds me of Stephen Gammell’s iconic “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” covers. And now I’m scared of Willy Wonka all over again.

Artist: flickr / twitter / tumblr

Art for the Colorblind by Kellan Morgan

Morgan’s handmade illustrations are done entirely in black marker on sketchbook paper, but they seem to jump to live out at you. All original portraits, plus dozens more, available for purchase at etsy, contact Kellan for commissions!

Bloody Good Celebrity Portraits by Vlad Rodriguez

Prints are on sale at bigcartel. Vlad’s realistic celebrity paintings are far from perfect: they’re scratched, bruised, and broken, much like the real world counterparts they imitate. Hey, I dont want to die without any scars.

Artist: behance / tumblr / twitter / website