The Sean Connery Four vs. Alex Trebek by Henry the Worst

Conneries: assemble! The many iterations of the entity we call Sean Connery converge to take on their arch nemesis: the host of Jeopardy in his bipedal Trebekmech. A bear-huggingly awesome tribute to the classic SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketches by the illustrative sensei Henry the Worst. Suck it, Trebek! 

Artist: Tumblr / Society6 / Facebook

The Incredible Moving Arts of Henry the Worst

Previously! Henry the Worst imbues his magical, mystical drawrings of popular Geekizens with mobility, breathing life into his creations like some mad god from the Universe next door (which is where I hear the party’s at, come on let’s go). 

Artist: Tumblr / Society6 / Facebook / Twitter

The Arts of Henry the Worst

Far from the worst, Henry’s magical moving pictures capture the spirit of collaborative icons and other awesome denizens of the cosmos. Ghost Rider In a Thriller Jacket, Daft Punk, and the best human ever Carl Sagan available as prints at society6.

Artist: tumblr / twitter