Anatomic Embroidered Animal Skeletons by James Ormiston / Fancy Pigeon

I appreciate embroidery mainly for the creepy ways in which some people utilize it: the more macabre the better. James has taken to sewing x-ray spec’d animals, but really what’s so strange about that? That’s what *inside your body*, dude. Well, probably not a bunny skeleton, but like a person-sized one. Although maybe you really do have bunny bones inside of you, in which case let’s talk.

Artist: Facebook / Tumblr / etsy / Society6

Cereal Killer by James Ormiston

Prints, cards, and iphone cases of the first two designs available at Society6. I’ve actually posted about this previously, but since then James has released more prints as well as behind the scenes shots, revealing that eating cereal out of the skull of your enemies is the easy part: getting the milk in there takes a true killer.

Artist: Facebook / Etsy