Rap Quote Location Signage by Jay Shells

When Jay Shells heard various rappers name-checking some local streets in NYC, he decided those exotic city locales needed to be immortalized not just in song but in road signage: finding songs that specifically mention street names and posting an official-looking sign along the exact road with the lyric printed on it (with attribution for proper repurposing etiquette points), so everyone will know who was hustlin’ there.

Artist: Website (via: Juxtapoz)

Street Lit

Putting a message on a wall can be a much more effective way to reach the masses than expecting them to go find a book and learn it themselves. Some men just want to watch the world learn, regardless of medium. This collection of street arts details some memorable lines from famous books, hit the pictures to see which author and title, if you didnt already recognize them immediately.

(via: BuzzFeed)