Space Machines by Jay Parker

A badass spacecraft, properly outfitted with warp technology, can get you anywhere in the universe, but imagination can you get everywhere else. Jay Parker may not have a spaceship (that I know of), but he’s got creativity in cosmic proportions. He recently kicked off a Kickstarter to fund an official sketchbook that’s already achieved escape velocity and reached its funding goal, though you can still donate if you want some extra goodies.

Artist: DeviantArt / Facebook / Website / Tumblr

Homemade Frankenturret by Daniel / Corroder666

The thankfully short-lived Wheatley Laboratories produced many scientific abominations. The Frankenturret, a wretched mashed-together hybrid of the Aperture Science Sentry Turret and the Weighted Storage Cube, was only ever capable of pathetically hopping if placed upright and were quickly discontinued after their creator, Wheatley, was ported into space. DA user Corroder666 made one from scratch, however, complete with glow-y eyes and twitching legs. His goal was to have them walk on their own, but much like the real things, they proved totally inept at even the simplest science. You can read more info about the build (in german) at here, or check out the video below to see it in testing mode:

Artist: Deviantart

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Pertheseus

When it comes to Power Rangers, the OG series, Tommy was really the only one that mattered (even if he was a bit of a cockbag at first).  Pertheseus frames the two forms of Tommy, both as Green and White Ranger with the Dragon and Tiger Zords that accompany them and are only a talking dagger ocarina song away.

Artist: DeviantArt / Facebook (colors by Jose Vega)

Mechanical Buddhists by Zang Zi Won

of Buddhist sculptures into the scifi realm, outfitting them with H.R. Giger-esque mechanical parts, their porcelain-doll faces reflecting the monk’s detachment from humanity in both spirit and now in physical form. Check out a clip of one of Zang’s mechanized sculptures below:

Artist: Website (via: Juxtapoz)

What Keeps The Planet Spinning by James Franzen / Radio Gosha

It’s gonna be a good year for French alien robot music (or are they human after all?). James aka Radio Gosha joins the celebration around the world with some chibi Daft Punk spinning to lyrics from the new single “Get Lucky" oh look here it is now let’s listen to it come on

Artist: Deviantart / Website / Tumblr / Facebook

Animechs by Robert Chew

The world would be cooler, if not better, place with large animal-like mechas in it. Robert put some insanely meticulous detail into these mobile combat companions, from Barn Owl Recon Units to Kingfisher Snipers, even explaining the mechanical nuances that allow them to move like their counterparts in the nature. You may not be able to “get in the fucking robot”, but when you’ve got a bigass canon, who’s gonna say you can’t ride your combat-ready Grizzly-Mech into battle with the rest of the Robot Bear Cavalry.

Artist: DeviantArt / Blogspot / Tumblr

Sci-Dorbz by Shichigoro Shingo

The dark, future-infused creatures of Schigoro are just as adorable as they are unintentionally kill you during playtime when they forget to realize that you’re made out of soft meat and bone instead of pipes and circuitry. You can purchase prints at Shichigoro’s DeviantArt or pick up leggings and get his designs stretched over your body at Black Milk:


Artist: Facebook / Website