Outer Limits by Sam Chivers

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong universe, because the one I currently live in has a severe lack of crazy, spiraling geometric shapes and Roger Dean-style floating landscapes. I’d much rather jumpship and go kick it in one of Sam Chiver’s abstract worlds, with their own self-contained physics and head-trippingly gonzo lightshows. Prints can be purchased over at Sam’s myshopify.

Artist: Behance / Website / Flickr

Visit Planet Earth Campaign by Bri Hand

Despite the possibility of literally one brajillion sentient lifeforms out there, we’ve so far discovered it’s pretty lonely in the big, cold Universe. And while our attempts at interstellar communication have sought to connect with extraterrestrials through the universal religion of science and mathematics, you’ve really got to wonder why we didnt play up our personal traits here on Serious Planet Earth: for instance, hot dogs. Everything recreated in Minecraft. Conga lines. The fact that David Bowie sometimes lives here. Bri’s ad campaign seeks to invigorate our languishing interstellar tourism industry by luring aliens in with some of Earth’s more amazing amenities (and hopefully the promise that we’re not going to autopsy them and show it on FOX). You can check out more assets of the campaign over at Bri’s website: secrethidingplaceofbrihand

(via: Lost at E Minor)

Supreme Consciousness by Boris Pelcer

Turning your mind inward is the only way to have a better understanding of the universe outside your head, for can we ever explore the inky swirlings mysts of the cosmos without first mapping the synaptic space between our own neurons? Prints of the some of the designs are available at Society6. 

Artist: Behance / Twitter / Website

Celestial Monsters by Chris Keegan

The thrill of outer space is that we really just have no goddamned clue what’s out there. Aliens? Sentient planets? Intergalactic space police? Probably all of these, plus unfathomably more bizarre creations we couldn’t possibly produce with our earthly imaginations. Chris Keegan took a pretty good stab at it though, manipulating images from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory of floating space debris and vast, lightyears-spanning nebule into dark and majestic forms, surely just an echo of the monolithic entities just beyond our telescopic grasp…

Artist: Website (via: Wired / io9)

A New World: 2013 by Tobias van Schneider

Our Doomsday predictions were accurate in one respect: it was certainly the end of our fabricated construct of time designate 2012. Though the end of that world is alright, 2013 is a whole new realm to venture forth in and explore, so long as you’ve learned your lessons from the year before and are no longer afraid to peer into the dark, distant corners…

Artist: Website / Tumblr / Dribbble

Poetics of Harmony by Soh Jin Ping

Soh’s Poetics of Harmony is an artistic interpretation of the universal order of Taoist philosophy and the harmonious relations that connect the Tao and the “ten thousand things” that make up our reality. Divided between three books, each explains a different component of life as explained by Taoists: the first represents the Void and how Yin and Yang emerged from it, the second uses the Loshu grid to explain how forces exert control over one another, and the last explains the concept of triple unity through several unique papercuts.

Artist: Behance / Website

Cosmic Strings by Buwaneka Saranga

Created in Photoshop, Buwaneka investigates the infinitely tiny intricacies of String Theory, which posits the existence of head-shrinkingly minuscule strings that form the fundamental components of our Universe. Personally, mine are made out of spaghetti strings. More meatsauce with my cosmic reality, please.

Artist: Behance / Flickr