Life-Size Transformer Wine Rack

::Willy Wonka:: Oh, tell me about your wine rack and how sophisticated you are! SOPHISTICATE *THIS*, motherlicker! A lighting salesman in Phoenix has created this massive, 1,000 pound wine rack installation out of used transmission parts from old cars and motorcycles, chemically treated and devoid of any corrosive materials, of course. Course, if you’re purchasing a giant walking Transforming wine-rack, I question why you’d want to corrosive materials removed, but that’s just me. Holding 32 bottles of your finest Cybertronian vintages, this monstrosity can actually be yours from craigslist for the bargain basement price of $7,000 USD.

(via: digitaltrends / theawesomer)

Fire and Wine by Adam Marksteiner

As part of the raining sparks photography challenge at Gizmodo, Adam created the hottest (see wut i did ther) photo by breaking off the bottom of a wine bottle and placing a metal duct in it, before lighting steel wool and blowing sparks down through the bottle with a hair dryer. WAITER, there’s a highly combustible element in my glass! Check out all the other entries over at gizmodo.

Self Aerating Wine Glass 

Emulating the Trevi Fountain of Rome, this conceptual wine glass aerates the wine itself as you pour it into the central glass. Yeah that’s right, it’s a wine glass within a wine glass. You’ve just been Inception’d! Available for purchase at homewetbar for only $21.95 USD.

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Human Heart Charafe by Liviana Osti

These two glass charafes are meant to be placed together, one filled with wine while the other contains water, to remind you that wine is just as important as water to decrease your chances of cardiovascular failure, but that doesnt mean you need to be polishing off that entire bottle of Merlot every night. Moderation in all things, amirite?

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