19 Best Places That You Should Visit While You Are In England

Posted by Ian Brooks

You understand, among the things that I love about England may be that the diversity that we’ve got. By the tiny coves about the Dorset Coast, magnificent little hamlets, and history to throw a pole! All throughout the nation, it’s packed to the brim with the most useful places to see in England.

Ok but let us focus on the glaringly obvious, I am biased and pretty pleased with this attractiveness of England. I truly do believe England is wholly exceptional plus even more than cities such as London. Yes, all these really are amazing (and that I love London more than every other area in the entire world) but it’s one small region of our incredible country and that there is so far to visit.

Throughout the past couple of decades, I have managed to get my priority to research therefore much more of England also to observe that the places which can be directly in my doorstep (it’s something which I regretted to the longest period… believing that I had to depart from the UK to feel as though I had drifted. How wrong I had been.

No matter the circumstance, whether or not it’s your very first trip around England or you’ll a dab hand in researching our magnificent nation, ” I understand you will discover the greatest places to go to in England which you love.

Have a peek at a number of the absolute finest places to see in England. You are definitely going to own a remarkable trip.

The Lake District may be the UK’s new UNESCO protected site… and so, it’s amazing. Because you can probably tell from the name, the Lake District has been full of tranquil lakes, amazing mountain ranges, and also a whole pile of small cities to research.

On top of that, each lake has a slightly different personality that is entirely unique. Most Likely the most renowned is Windermere Lake, but If You’d like to avoid the audience, soda into Ullswater Lake and look into Another Place, The Lake (that is actually the sister resort of this Watergate Bay I said in Cornwall).

Whilst here, leave on the Ullswater steamer, decide to try your hands in paddle dressing table, and increase into the very top of Harter Fell for a number of the greatest views throughout the Lake District. It actually is among the most useful places to see in England.

Corfe Castle

It’s really an entire throwback also it is going to feel just as if you’ve resigned 1000 years into an older British world. It certainly does feel like that.

Once here, have a stroll through the castle of Corfe, drift all the stores that are little, and catch a tasty Sunday roast in Mortons House Restaurant.

If trains are the thing, you may even have a historical train out of Corfe Castle Station into Swanage.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are a recurring motif for me personally! Approximately two hours approximately from London, that the Cotswolds can be a place of outstanding all-natural beauty which you will love (and easily among the most useful places to go to from England).

Once you are there, be certain that you see Bibury observe that the gorgeous Arlington Row, soda up into the Upper and Lower Slaughters (they are less gruesome than they seem), and also head to additional areas just such as the Chipping Steps at Tetbury and also Bourton on the Water, too.

In all honesty, I think it is easiest to circumvent the Cotswolds by car (however a few bus routes and trains do run) you should have a whole lot more freedom to explore the small hamlets, towns and rolling mountains.

To get an excellent spot to stay, visit The Royal Oak at Tetbury and also even the Wood Norton that are equally indeed beautiful and quaint. You are able to read our whole informative article on residing at the magnificent Wood Norton,”.


Ok, Cambridge consistently stays a light spot with me personally. It’s really a rather compact city that’s ideal to research over a couple of days.

Once here, be certain that you head the Church of St Mary the truly amazing where it is possible to scale the tower and also then find some extraordinary vistas across the town (the only lookout to its bells ringing, then it gets the tower shake).

In addition, do not forget to pop in Kings College and the unbelievable chapel that is so wonderful to determine. In the chapel, you may still faintly see the graffiti’ out of Oliver Cromwell’s army which still stands to this afternoon.

Oh yeah, look out for the enormous wooden rood screen within the chapel — it had been talented by Henry VIII (usually one who had six sisters) into Anne Boylen and can be just one of the most striking features inside the middle of the chapel.

For a yummy brunch, pop into Fitzbillies to get a hearty English breakfast and work off those calories having somewhat of punting down the River Cam.


There is only something about Toilet, and you’re going to totally understand the reason once you arrive. This early Roman Spa settlement still contains some of those extraordinary features from the Roman Times. Be certain that you pop into the Roman Baths themselves and also discover more about this unbelievable record of this post. It actually is among the most useful places to see in England.

For a yummy treat, choose a stroll to Sally Lunn’s — she actually could be really definitely easily by far probably the most famous and among the earliest bun manufacturers on the planet. Additionally, they taste soooo great!

To get a sumptuous spot to remain, check at The Queensberry Hotel whose chambers are all so magnificent.


SO Bristol is among the cities which completely stunned me. My first visit to Bristol was somewhat unsatisfactory (that I need to be fair ). I only think I had not really seen my tribe’ of stuff I would enjoy in my very first trip… my entire fault, naturally!

Happily, I had been determined to provide Bristol a second chance, armed with a great deal more advice on the sort of spots I would love. That only made it happen for me personally I fell so deeply in love with the town right off and it’s really up with all the very most useful places to see in England.

Once there, go on a road to observe a number of Bristol’s most iconic contemporary musicians, Banksy. There exists a whole pile around his home city. Later, go to Whapping Wharf along with Spike Island to throw off the day on the sea front including all of the current art distances, restaurants, and boutique small stores or soda up to the legendary Clifton Suspension Bridge.

For a wonderful spot to remain, pop in the Hotel du Vin & Bistro Bristol that feels really luxurious.


There exists a whole good deal of friendly competition between Oxford along with Cambridge in places to see (and study). Some state Cambridge is your very most useful… the others state it’s Oxford. I am going to make the last choice for you.

Today, Oxford itself is easily among the greatest places to see in England, especially if you are situated in London or even on a more road vacation.

Whilst here, be certain that you see Christ Church College, go on the river punting, and wet the whistler at the Thirsty Meeples — really a unique game cafe at the metropolis.

For really a distinctive hotel experience, publication into the magnificent Malmaison that’s the prison. It’s possible to sleep at the (currently more luxurious) cells.


It took me too much time to create our very first visit to Norwich (England’s first medieval city) and I am embarrassed to say my first trip has been that this past year.

Perched about two hrs north of London by train, and it’s among the most useful places to see in England and also a spot I know you’ll love. When you are here, be certain that you learn more about the unbelievable cathedral, visit that the historic streets, and ramble to the fundamental market that is been held eternally from town for more than 1000 years (as it turned into a Saxon market).

For a delectable bite to eat, go out Norwich to the Fur and Feathers (you are able to find out more about this) who create one yummy effort from local ingredients and then finish every day with the very best chippy at every England at the Grosvenor Fish Tavern … all served with lashings of vinegar, needless to say.


Possibly among the very well-known ancient sites in England, Stonehenge can be an area you need to view. Perched west of London (roughly 80 minutes from the car), it is really amongst the greatest places to go to in England — notably to all of the people history lovers!

This has been listed since the stones of Stonehenge actually originated from west Wales that an enormous space for if it was constructed. Still, for this day, there aren’t any conclusive thoughts of why it has been assembled or what it symbolizes however there are concepts around an area of worship, thanks ceremony, and community.

Just be conscious that Stonehenge is just a popular spot, therefore if you do not like audiences it is ideal to organize your own trip to get longer ‘offpeak’ times. Either see very first thing in the afternoon or late in the day (just before closing), in this way you should have missed the bus tours and can just have a couple of eager beavers with those that possess precisely exactly the exact identical idea.

If you are trying to find sensational accommodation relatively nearby, pop into Stonehenge Cottages to break your face. Their rooms are really amazing and they’ve some stunning log whistles too.

Jurassic Coast

The Coast consistently sounds really cryptic and pre-historic if you ask me personally… I am talking about, that the hint is in the name but it consistently intrigued me up until I saw this particular past year. This intrigue immediately turned into enthusiasm once I realized that one may go fossil hunting on the UNESCO protected shore.

The point which can make this area therefore great for fossil hunting is the cliffs with this particular stretch of the shore have in fact been pushed far up out from their sea bed to generate a slice of property. Now, whilst the palaces gradually encircle, they scatter an entire assortment of fossils which are typical along the shore for all of us looking for.

Lookout and show patience. On our final trip, ya and that I accumulated approximately 10 distinct fossils! It’s so mad to believe that you are the very first living being to set eyes on such fossils for 9-2 million decades. It is actually special.

Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay is just one of these places at which you are able to nearly immediately encounter that relaxing shore vibe which produces Cornwall really terrific. Whilst here, be certain that you climb around the magnificent coastline, pop to neighboring Newquay, and stay in the manicured Watergate Bay Hotel.

Oh yeah, also when surfing is something I’m convinced you’ll love this particular area. It actually is among the most useful places to see in England… especially for sea fans!

Determined by its tidal staircase, it’s potentially one of the most economical and most useful places to see in England.

Legend has it that the huge still occupy the cave in the staircase. Folk-lore or perhaps maybe not, it’s sufficient to place the heeby-jeebies on you once the sun begins to create.

If you are trying to find a gorgeous hotel near, stay at the gorgeous Marazion Hotel — which is right adjacent to the nearby island.

Perched only south of Whitby in Yorkshire, Robinhood’s Bay is just one magnificent and totally historic beachfront village you need to go to.

Once an essential smuggler’s village to create contraband stuff such as alcohol, Robin Hood’s Bay still features a system of smuggler tunnels within the town.

At this time you can not move included now however it’s an amazing spot to see and also to understand more about the foundation with the age-old fisherman town. It actually is among the most useful places to see in England.

Plus, they all boil the most useful tea on the Yorkshire coast.

Castle Howard

Only somewhat shy out of York, Castle Howard is a really magnificent castle to research. You’ll really be ignored by just how amazing this place is everywhere and indeed is among the most useful places to see in England.

Once inside, visit a number of these amazing chambers and experience just a tiny piece with the magnificent home. During peak times of the season, Castle Howard hosts day teas which can be appropriately yummy and also a true cure. Served with a piping sexy Yorkshire tea, candy treats, and sandwiches it is really a lovely encounter.

Even though you may not have the capacity to keep at Castle Howard, you also can look into the gorgeous Judges Court (In York) that is about 12-miles away.


I really couldn’t neglect to shout-out London together as the greatest places to go to in England, can I? I am talking about it, it’s among my favorite cities in the entire whole world and there is so much to achieve this you’ll love.

Every one of those neighborhoods is wholly unique and also a fantastic way to find the diversity that’s London. If you are searching for a few distinctive places, be certain that you observe a few of London’s secret areas, its own incredible markets, most useful bars along with restaurants having an opinion. You will moan on everything in sight!

To catch a lavish space in England’s greatest construction, reserve a space at the Tasty Shangrila Hotel at the Shard.

Holy Island

It must be among the favorite castles (selectmaineinns) in most of England! There is just something really magical about any of this (and sure, that is very hard to say, however, it will seem like this).

Once here, go for a rise round the unbelievable shore, pop to Holy Island itself and learn more about the castle and also then finish off your day in Berwick-upon-Tweed where you are able to catch a yummy snack in The Maltings Kitchen.


Birmingham frequently gets overlooked by many individuals traveling plans in favor of several of those additional big-hitting areas like London (or even Edinburgh, around the boundary in Scotland). With that said, it’s no more than 80 minutes from London by rail and you can find all those cool areas to visit.

When you are there, be certain that you research the Coffin Works visit Winterbourne House and Garden, and gorge on each of the foodstuffs in Carters of all Moseley — that they create an epic Orkney scallops dish, even the tastiest mousse noodle made with Douglas Fir plus a few yummy cakes. It is in fact just a competition for the most useful places to see in England.

For really a wonderful spot to stay, look into Hotel Indigo — you’ll think it’s great.


Cirencester can be a historical market town that is readily reached by car or by train out of many regions in England. It’s the type of town you see and wonder if you’ve spent exploring. It’s among the favorite marketplace towns and perchance among the most useful places to see in England.

As Soon as You’ve arrived, Make Certain to research the Parish Church of St John Baptist, Check out the Elemental Sculpture Park and soda in the Fleece for a few of the tastiest grub.

To get a Gorgeous spot to break your mind, Look to the historical Royal Oak That’s at Tetbury (approximately 25 minutes off)


Manchester consistently is just like this trendy cousin you see in your home parties and consistently want loaf with. Always trendy, stylish, and totally trendy. The town has such an awesome vibe and indeed is amongst the most useful places to see in England in the event that you would like to undergo a vibrant city (out of London, of course).

Once here, be certain that you leave on the music landscape and then also see Jimmy’s that involve some bad bands playing each weekend. To get a tasty snack to eat, soda into Umezushi who creates the very best sushi in the north, and also simmer in Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill which will provide you a fantastic taste of Mancunian everyday entire life.

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