Anabolics and Red Blood Cells

Posted by Ian Brooks

Steroids have an impact on the body’s muscle tissue, as any bodybuilder worth their salt is aware. Although it seems obvious, many people ignore the fact that anabolic steroids can damage other body tissues. Steroids also have an impact on the heart, liver, prostate, brain, kidney, and other bodily organs and systems. These organ changes are frequently referred to as side effects, the unintended effects of drugs that show up in the body’s structure and behavior. The obvious negative effects of steroids, such as water retention, acne, increased hostility, and others, are known to most users. However, many users are not aware of how anabolic (androgenic) steroids affect the blood, namely red blood cells.

Negative influence on red blood cells

Steroids speed up and increase the volume of red blood cell formation, which has a favorable effect. A higher red blood cell count enables the blood to transport more oxygen to the body’s numerous organs, including the brain, heart, heart muscle, and circulatory system. Exercise and other vigorous exercises build endurance. Do you recall the bikers who “doped” blood to boost their endurance while riding? The essential steps remain the same. Better endurance results from blood with more red blood cells, which is why one of the great undiscovered effects of useful articles about steroids here. An advantage in competition performance may emerge from increased aerobic capacity, which could mean 1-2 more reps per set and 20–30 more minutes of cardio.

How does it function?

Steroids activate important kidney receptors, which in turn inhibit increasing amounts of red blood cell synthesis. More information is beyond the scope of this talk, but bodybuilders should be aware that steroids do influence the kidneys constantly, even when not in pre-contest or diuretic-consumption/water deprivation mode. Given that they are drinking lots of water and refraining from using the dangerous pre-contest diuretics, some trainers with kidney issues think that using steroids excessively during the off-season poses no harm to their renal function. This is false. Kidney function is impacted by any anabolic or androgenic substance delivered to the body.

Which steroids have advantages over the others?

No steroid has a distinguishable, quantifiable advantage over another in terms of accelerating the synthesis of red blood cells. Although there are other substances like EPO that significantly increase red blood cell production, bodybuilders rarely use them because they have no appreciable impact on muscle growth or fat reduction. The most important idea to comprehend is that steroids have an impact on a variety of bodily functions, including blood production.

Chemically produced compounds known as anabolic steroids are successfully used for a range of important medical conditions. Steroids are frequently used to encourage improved stature and physical growth. Athletes, bodybuilders, and others in hazardous or physically demanding industries have used steroids for years to improve their performance. A lot of steroids have also been given for use during operations and as potent painkillers. Steroids can only be used legally with a doctor’s prescription and direction. They have been prohibited from all professional and amateur sporting activities due to the propensity for steroid abuse. Steroid abusers put themselves at risk for a wide range of negative side effects that can result in poor health and even death.

The most popular type of steroid is anabolic. The active promotion of muscle and surrounding tissue regeneration and growth is made possible by steroids. It is a fairly straightforward process: men secrete testosterone, which their bodies then use. The substance that enables physical maturation and growth throughout puberty is testosterone. The potential of anabolic steroids to increase the androgenic effects of naturally occurring testosterone synthesis is what gives them their effectiveness. The man’s sexual traits can then grow much more quickly as a result of this improvement. As a result, many men have turned to steroids in an effort to enlarge their penis and achieve an erection. However, because steroids are so expensive, many guys can’t afford them and instead search for substitute substances that have steroid-like effects.

The usage of steroids can have highly negative effects on the human body. As previously stated, they can be pretty serious and result in harm, ailment, and occasionally even death. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that the majority of steroids permanently change chemical balances, harming vital body tissues, ligaments, and organs as a result. Because steroids affect male hormones, they can potentially result in short-term or even long-term male impotence. Even a burning desire for sex often cannot cure erectile dysfunction brought on by steroids. In other situations, the penis can be capable of erecting itself, but because the hormone balance is off, full function cannot be attained. Because of the detrimental effects steroids have on the penis, they can significantly degrade a man’s quality of life and sense of self-worth.


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