Budget Decoration Tips For Old Houses

Posted by Ian Brooks

Here are 16 suggestions to make an old home look new on a budget if you have an older property that needs to go from drab to fab, or if your new home is just looking a little dated and needs a facelift.

Prepare ahead of time.

When it comes to decorating your home, you’ll want to think ahead. Small changes here and there in various spaces might make your home feel disjointed. You’ll need to prepare your appearance ahead of time if you want to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout your old house. Take a look at list to get started.

Everything should be clean.

After you’ve planned your decorating, the first thing you need do is give your house a thorough cleaning. There are certainly a number of areas in your home that you don’t pay much attention to, no matter how much time you spend cleaning and maintaining it each week. Give everything a good clean; you’ll be glad you did once you start decorating, and even a simple tidy up may make your home feel brand new.

Everything should be painted white.

You may or may not be weary of the white on white on white trend by now, but when it comes to making an old house look new, it’s here to stay. The simplest, cheapest, and most practical approach to disguise faults and uneven walls is to paint the walls, ceiling, and trim all one color.

Get rid of the wallpaper.

If you have wallpaper in your home, which many older homes do, now is the time to remove it. Peeling wallpaper is common, and it can quickly become filthy. If your wallpaper is quite old, there’s a strong chance you’ll find some mold behind it, so remove it as quickly as possible. From your local hardware store, hire a wallpaper remover/steamer. Even if there isn’t much to get rid of, this isn’t a job you want to accomplish without one.

Draw attention to doors and other features.

Many older homes have beautiful doors and characteristics such as decorative cornices that aren’t found in newer homes. Painting these components of your home in a distinct color scheme is a terrific way to draw attention to them. To make your external doors stand out, paint them a bright color. You can also use a glossy paint to help your cornices stand out against the white on white on white backdrop. Paint your internal doors a cool grey or other neutral color to complement them.

Carpets and rugs should be cleaned or replaced.

If you have carpeting throughout your home, you should tidy it up either by changing it for a fresh look or having it professionally cleaned. Of course, having it professionally cleaned will be far less expensive, so if you’re decorating on a budget, this is the way to go. If you have wood floors and utilize rugs, you can get them cleaned to give them a fresher appearance.

Replace any outdated outlets.

While this may appear to be a minor detail, it can make an old house feel brand new again. It’s also a relatively inexpensive option to improve your property. Due to updates over the years, many homes have a variety of light switches, plates, and outlets. They may appear ancient and yellowed, or they may be cracked or painted on. This is a simple makeover that will assist to brighten up a dreary home and make it feel new.

Replace your hardware if necessary.

Updating your hardware is another wonderful and simple approach to modernize your vintage home. While updating your hardware is more expensive than replacing your outdated outlets and switches, it will have a significant impact on your property. If your taps and door knobs are as old as Grandma’s, it’s time to upgrade and give your home a more modern appeal.

Cabinets should be painted.

If your bathroom, kitchen, or bedrooms have outdated, old chipboard cupboards, now is the time to either replace or upgrade them. Cabinet replacement can be costly, especially if you go to the trouble of replacing all of your kitchen cabinets. Painting is a less expensive technique to make everything look new again. Use a paint that is simpler to clean and resistant to mold and stains in the kitchen and bathroom.

Your backsplash should be replaced.

Replacing the backsplash in your kitchen may make a huge difference. There isn’t much else that can be done to improve the atmosphere in the room. Most older homes have outdated backsplashes, which make everything look obsolete. They could also be chipped, and the color may no longer be vibrant. If this stage isn’t in your budget, replace it with new tiles, paneling, or paint over existing tiles.

Include illumination.

Nothing brightens up a room like some lighting. In the living room, choose table and floor lamps, and update your bedside with new shades. Lighting is an excellent method to liven up your living spaces. If your overhead lighting in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom is antiquated, consider upgrading it.

Old furniture should be replaced.

If your old furniture isn’t up to snuff in your freshly renovated home, you might want to consider investing in some new items. If buying new is out of the question, consider buying used or getting creative and refurbishing your old furniture with a fresh coat of paint or a new wood stain.

Curtains should be replaced every few years.

If you’re still using the old curtains, it’s time to replace them. Old drapes date a home as much as anything else. Because they’re on show all day, every day, it’s critical to get this aspect right. If the curtain rods are also out of date, you might want to replace them.

Updating your home with new furniture is a great way to go.

Mixing and matching homewares is a simple way to make a room feel fresh again. If you’ve gone with a white on white on white theme to hide defects in your walls and ceiling, this is where you’ll want to introduce some color. To add a splash of color to your living areas, choose bright things. Don’t go overboard with the extras; one or two per room should suffice to update your environment.

Invest in new towels and a shower curtain.

Your shower curtain, like your window treatments, is always on display in your bathroom. If you have a bath with a shower curtain, you should think about replacing it to brighten up the space. You could also think about replacing your bath mat and towels. The finer your towels are, the less cleaning you’ll have to do in the bathroom before your guests arrive.

Enhance your artistic abilities.

Whether you already have art on display in your home or not, this is an area where you may wish to update. You may get several great reproduction pieces for your living room or guest rooms for a low price by framing them in a decent quality frame. Better still, support a local artist by purchasing their work; not only will you have a beautiful piece of art, but you’ll also have something to speak about at your next gathering.

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