Guide To Angling Holidays Around The World

Posted by Ian Brooks

Fishing holidays in Europe are a great choice for lovers of the great outdoors. Most of us love the thought of going out onto the frozen North Atlantic oceans in small boats and catching some fish, but this is often quite difficult.

So, if you like the idea but don’t necessarily like the fishing part, then why not try a fishing holidays in one of the many beautiful European countries that are situated on the coast. The UK has some of the most gorgeous locations in Europe, so here are some of the most popular fishing destinations. We have included a map of these countries, so you can check them out easily and decide which ones you want to visit.

Best British Fishing Holidays in Europe – Croatia. Dubrovnik is often so beautiful it’s hard to believe that it still exists. Famous as the location of King Size Game of Thrones, this town is one hell of a dragon short of an ice-cold pint at the local bar.

You can spend weeks just wandering around the narrow streets of this town or simply walking along the city walls to get a panoramic view of the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea.

Best British Fishing Holidays in Europe – Romania. If you love the idea of catching some really big fish but live in an area where you’re not so likely to get very much success, then this is a great choice. Romanian rivers provide some of the best fishing holidays in Europe.

There are literally hundreds of rivers and creeks running through the country, which means that you will never be short of places to go fishing. Some areas have more trout than others, so if you like to try your luck here, you’ll never be disappointed. Many anglers spend time in this corner of the world just because it offers such a challenge.

Best British Fishing Holidays in Europe – Turkey. Turkey may seem like a forgotten place when it comes to angling, but if you’re a fan of freshwater fishing then you’ll be in for a real treat here. Freshwater fishing in Turkey is legendary, thanks to the constant wars between the Turkish government and the gulets (tribes) that inhabit the lakes and streams. There are so many lakes and creeks in Turkey, they are easily accessible by both car and bike.

This means that even those who live on the other side of the globe can enjoy some freshwater fishing. It doesn’t matter if you prefer river fishing or stream fishing, there is something for everyone in Turkey.

Best British Fly Fishing Holidays. The UK has long been a haven for anglers from all over the world. From some of the most remote regions of Europe to some of the most popular fishing spots in Europe, the UK has something for everyone.

For fly fishing holidays you can simply head down to some of the most beautiful areas of England and Northern Ireland and fish in some of the most beautiful rivers, streams, and lakes. These places offer some of the best Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, and Muskellunge fish that you will ever see.

Best Fly Fishing Holidays. With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to book some of the best fishing holidays that you can find. Many companies now offer guided fishing holidays to the UK, especially for those who would prefer to fish off the beaten track.

These fishing holidays usually consist of a professional guide who leads groups of anglers through the most beautiful parts of the country and introduce them to some of the freshwater fish that are native to that area.

Best British Snakehead Fishing Holidays. Another great destination for anglers is in the south-west of England. Many companies now offer some of the best snakehead fishing holidays in Europe. Anglers from across Europe visit Cornwall on their fishing holidays to try and catch some king or queen catfish.

In the past few years, much big fish such as the blue catfish and the silver eel have been seen as far up the river of Babbling with many anglers landing every day to reel in a monster.

Best Thailand Angling Holidays. When it comes to fishing holidays in Thailand, there is no better place than Phuket. Phuket offers everything from charter boats to factory ships and factory-supported fishing ventures.

There are factory supported fishing expeditions all over the country that provide you with a taste of fresh Thai fish, however, the best thing about going on a Thai fishing holiday is the fact that you are treated like royalty while you are there.

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