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R4i Gold Nintendo Card

R4i Gold Nintendo Card
Posted by Ian Brooks

Now that you have found this page you’re most likely wondering what is all the buzz about these small R4i Gold cards otherwise known as R4i Gold DS cards? Are these the new big “must-have add-on” for the Nintendo DS or have they just been hyped up like lots of other console hardware open to the general people? Let me break it down. The R4i Gold component is a wonderful device that is a slot 1 memory storage device that is the same mass as a classic Nintendo DS console. When this amazing card meshes together with an external MicroSD device, the real potential of the R4i Gold is found.

Most owners of the R4i Gold storage card would definitely think that this one innovation has revolutionized the likeness of all Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi people, hence the saying “R4i Gold Revolution” was made. The component alone is very tiny but very useful also. Without the demand of extra cables or programs, the gamer and multimedia enjoyment of the present customer is opened into untapped dimensions.

The Nintendo DS is not for sale with a memory device medium; a third-party memory storage method is requested to download homebrew and all media information needed.

The R4i Gold DS card component facilitates the usage of homebrew game titles (game titles created by Nintendo DS customers who are coders as opposed to the mainstream title coders for game developing businesses. The software usually used is unofficial producer packages hence usage is only made possible via third-party rewritable games cartridges or on SD memory devices. The open availability and price-friendly cost rates associated with buying a R4i Gold adapter means that nearly everyone can afford this mundane but powerful component.

When in collaboration with the Nintendo DS hand-held the R4i Gold DS opens the potential of the Nintendo DS so that the game console can operate is a slew of mediums. Media such as movies, music, eBooks and home-made games can be used through the Nintendo R4i Gold component.

The R4i Gold card, when put together with the external Micro SD component allows the R4i Gold device to have outside memory.. and with the higher specs, R4i Gold components such as the SDHC devices, they have an outside capacity of an eye-brow raising 32GB. Now you can upload all your files on the SD device directly rather than using the internal memory of your Nintendo DS gaming system which is very restricted.

There is no requirement to download additional programs to the memory, its that simple. Simply slide the memory storage card into the R4i Gold device and place the R4i Gold device into the cartridge slot of the Nintendo DS or DS Lite. Including info like home-made game titles, songs, etc. could not be simpler by using the computer or laptop that you own.

R4i Gold Nintendo Card

Just ‘drag and drop’ the multimedia files directly onto the Micro SD device card by your USB plug adapter. Then just stick in your R4i Gold device into the first slot of your Nintendo DS and you are good to go! Power up your game console as usual and let the R4i Gold device show you it’s functions and hopefully please you.

Never can the limitations of the Nintendo DS limit you or your child again. The useful power of this little component conjoined with the small price cost it hosts makes this object a must for all Nintendo DS fans and gamers alike. Get your Nintendo DS R4i Gold card now while it’s still available.

The R4i gold has become hugely popular worldwide thanks to the constant updates from the R4i team meaning it is always compatible with the latest firmware from Nintendo and you never need to worry about updating your onboard firmware or any messy software or cable thanks to the built in upgrade chip which does it automatically.

With the R4i Gold you get all the great benefits and build quality that the earlier cards were famous for along with the ability to use your DSI or DSi XL console with the latest firmware Nintendo has to offer.

The R4i Gold comes with a wide range of memory card from 2GB to 8GB Micro SDHC version meaning you are almost certain to find a card that suits your need exactly. The Micro SDHC memory card can be attached to your console via the r4i Gold which slots into slot 1; if you don’t know where this is it is simply where you would have put games cartridges before. The r4i Gold basically is the newest version of the R4 and offers the ability to add memory card functionality to the DSi console as is also backwards compatible with the older Ds and DS lite consoles.

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