Review Of Rockwell BladeRunner RK7320

Posted by Ian Brooks

There’s been a substantial amount of “Buzz” lately more than a new tool from Rockwell, the Rockwell BladeRunner. I’ve been evaluating the BladeRunner for a couple several weeks now and wished to reveal my ideas on this cool new tool.

The BladeRunner is undoubtedly an intriguing tool that combines options that come with a Desk Saws, Best Scroll Saws and Jig Saws in to a tool that may cross cut, rip and scroll through different components like wooden, plastic-type and metal.

Should you tip your jig saw upside-down and install it in your router table you’d have got a tool that is quite much like this new giving.


  1. Voltage: 120 V ~ 60 Hz;
  2. Amperage: 5.5 A;
  3. No-load speed: 800-2800/ min;
  4. Cerebrovascular accident Size: 7.8″;
  5. Kitchen table Sizing: 17″ by 15 3/4″;
  6. Excess weight: 17.6 pounds;
  7. Decreasing Potential: Timber: 1-1/2″, PVC Pipe 1-1/4″, Light weight aluminum 3/8″, Metal 1/8″, Porcelain ceramic 3/8″.

First Look

The Rockwell BladeRunner is really a sturdy, well made benchtop tool. As you can see in the photographs it possesses a sturdy foundation backed on silicone feet. The base can handle a brushed metal best which offers a nice clean working work surface. The dinner table procedures 17″ x 15 3/4″ with two T Slot machines to guide the miter determine.

The BladeRunner is utterly transportable and built to assist it is freedom. You will discover a storage space compartment for all your blades, a clamp to hold the miter evaluate along the side of the foundation, a cord storage space and then finally a comfy deal with for carrying it.

The BladeRunner electric motor is fitted to the bottom of the table in the base. The across the leading blade defend easily adjusts for diverse size materials. The blade safeguard also includes a harbor for connecting a store vac for dust particles handle.

Blade Process

The BladeRunner really shines with it is revolutionary usage of jig saw cutting blades. It utilizes the ever popular T Shank jig saw rotor blades which can be obtained at virtually any hardware store. By allowing a typical blade system to use Rockwell has produced a tool that doesn’t need special purchase rotor blades. This is a Massive benefit in my view and one that each and every user will truly appreciate.

Installing and elimination of rotor blades is very straightforward. Within the photograph above you’ll see that the upper blade safeguard has become moved out of the way, the less desk/blade shield has become removed and my hands is moving the blade release off to the right. The blade can be taken off or installed. Then the process is reversed. It truly usually takes just a couple mere seconds to switch a blade with out tools will be required.

There exists a good blade storage space drawer situated just under the kitchen table top rated. The cutting blades snap into little holder “fingers” which ensures you keep them from rattling about. The cabinet seems a little flimsy and may reap the benefits of some form of latch to maintain the drawer securely shut.

Variable Motor

The Rockwell BladeRunner is powered by a 5.5 Amp motor unit which generates a factor blade rate between 800 and two,800 strokes each and every minute. The blade speed is controlled from a dial swap about the reduced based.

I discovered the motor unit to have plenty of power plus it works at the fairly tolerable noise stage. The varied speed function is certainly a important feature with this tool so that you can cut diverse supplies properly.

Rip Fence

The BladeRunner has a pretty good miter gauge that doubles like a rip fence. I really like that the miter evaluate is usually metal (compared to various other benchtop equipment right now that happen to be completely plastic-type). The miter determine is not difficult to adjust and in addition consists of a flexible fencing. The miter measure could also be used being a rip fence once the saw is set up to rip components.

Last Impression

The Rockwell BladeRunner is certainly a awesome tool! This tool is undoubtedly not much of a alternative to a nice kitchen table saw, jig saw and even scroll saw. Nonetheless, it can perform a good work on smaller jobs that require those form of tools.

The BladeRunner slices perfectly. It cuts a plumb, rectangular cut along with the miter gauge performs very well. I evaluated the BladeRunner decreasing several different materials sorts. I used it to go across cut, cut miters, rip and lastly for several scroll cutting. The BladeRunner really did effectively cutting curved forms. I like that it features a more rigid jig saw blade in comparison with some of the scroll saws that I have applied in past times.

Overall I believe the BladeRunner is a good tool. For those who have a compact shop and wish so that you can do projects which require a scroll saw then I’d strongly recommend checking out this tool out. You’ll enjoy the other capabilities that it offers.

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