Sony PlayStation 4 Games You Need To Play In Your Spare Time

Posted by Ian Brooks

In this pandemic crisis, we’re all forced to stay at home, no social interactions to satisfy our souls or even basic outdoor activities seem to be impossible for most countries especially U.S, Europe and Asia. People really find it difficult to cope with staying at home all the time, but there are certain activities we can do in order to enjoy our company at home.

Watching TV is OK for some, but after a few days, it’s no more fun. But one way you can definitely enjoy your company especially if you’re alone is to play video games, there are challenges while playing video games and that’s what make users get hooked to the game for long time. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the best game console in the market because it has more and better game collection than others like Xbox One. Playing games that will challenge you will help you stay comfortable at home.

With hundreds of games out there it can be difficult to choose the right one that’s suitable for your mood, and hence we decided put a list PlayStation games that are worth trying while spending your time at home. I know you’ll find a long list online claiming to have the best game collection, certainly not.

What is seen as the best for most people doesn’t necessarily have to be accepted by you, so feel free to explore as many options as you can in order to find PlayStation games you enjoy the most. What we offer in this article are just recommendations from our own point of view. With that said let’s share some of the amazing games that made to our list.

Best PlayStation 4 Games You Should Play At home



If you want survival challenge, Bloodborne is definitely for you, it’s however not for the faint of the heart as they said. This is a third person action game where the player is constantly facing death, you have to survive and progress. From the beginning this isn’t an easy game at all, it requires focus and mastery in order to pass through the different levels. Bloodborne is definitely among the best games ever created by Sony and it’s worth your time. Read more reviews online and demo to see the character in action.

Spider man

This one needs no introduction, if you don’t already know the movie you might have heard about the game. You’ll be swinging around the streets which is really fun, the spider man character in PlayStation 4 is almost similar in the movies, though I wouldn’t say 100% but most of the costume and characters are already there. As you pass through different levels you’ll be able to add a great look to your costume to make you character more attractive. You should definitely try this one.

Uncharted 4: A thief’s end

This is a great adventure game that resembles ‘Indiana jones movie’. You’ll be going around the globe in search of hidden treasures and at the same time avoiding the bad guys, you need to steal the treasures without messing with the bad guys. Uncharted 4 is a gorgeous thrill ride I believe anyone would love to play, you should try this one out.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

Resident evil has been around on PlayStation series for long time now, if you love the movie, you’ll love the game character as well. it’s a matter of survival, you’ll be getting all the tools you need in order to deal with monsters and zombies, you have to take care of your health while avoiding zombies at all cost. Resident Evil 7 on PlayStation 4 give a unique experience and that’s why it’s of those modern games you want to try out.

The last guardian

The last guardian

You’ll be playing a small boy with third person perspective. The Last Guardian focus in on solving puzzles in order to move forward, you’ll be dealing with massive cat bird creature. It’s more of adventure and friendship, there is not fight and no dialogue. The challenge is in the puzzles of the world you explore, this a good game to play with families, especially young kids.



You might not like the game at first, but after some hours you’ll definitely love it. Journey is a game for all ages and that makes it a good option for families. The story is irrelevant, where the game starts and ends is the fun part of it. We can’t say much about this game unless you experience it by yourself, so why don’t do yourself a favor and set some hours to try the game to see how the it work.

When it comes to PlayStation 4 game collection, the list shared in this post is just the tip of the iceberg, you can find game collections in different categories, right from war games, to adventure or even horror games, you’ll definitely find them in the PS4 game collection. It all comes down to your taste and preference. Grab these games using PSN gift cards, you can buy your PS4 games using as little as $10 PSN cards, or with the membership subscription, you’ll also save a great deal on these games.

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